Thursday, May 13, 2010

EK 203

I like the Emirates flight that leaves Dubai at 2am and arrives JFK at the beginning of the business day there. Schedule is convenient, allowing a full day of meetings here, dinner with friend Lee, and a more leisurely ride to the airport around midnight. Not too pleased however, about the front end experience at DXB, where the ground staff loses my seat reservation half the time. As a result, tonight BobOnARoll is in deepest steerage, so full cultural immersion awaits.

I should have rewarded myself with an upgrade, since this week Gulf Sports Media has cleared the last remaining hurdles for the launch, and we are now rolling forward with staffing and contracts with key vendors. Next week will be in London for final selection of the top editor and a deputy.

Been spending time with new friends this week. Played a round robin badminton event and got to the gym a few times, among other mundane accomplishments that are beginning to make me feel rooted in yet another 'adopted' country. Didier told me during my first trip in Jan that Dubai grows on you after a while, and indeed it does. Look forward to coming back in early June.

Between now and the first week in June, will be traveling to Chicago, London, New London CT, and Tokyo. Yep, this is nuts. Stay tuned......

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