Friday, February 12, 2010

East Bay

Arrived in the SF Bay Area today, 24 hours behind schedule, since the weather decimated the American Airlines schedules all over the country. The hub and spoke system with three major hubs (Chicago, Dallas, and New York) inoperative during at least 24-36 of the last 72 hours. This, plus the convergence of Chinese New Year weekend and President's Day was a Perfect Storm from a traveler's perspective. It was a nightmare at LaGuardia this morning.

But anyway, I'm here for a family celebration of nephew Mason's Bar Mitzvah. And we've all managed to make it, apparently, though waiting for an uncle and aunt, similarly defanged by weather.

Won't have time to see friends and business contacts here, but that's OK. At a time when there's not much good news, this a welcome thrill.

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  1. Breathe in some of that clean Bay Area air for me....enjoy yourself and your family, too. Look forward to your next blog and seeing you in March(?).