Monday, February 15, 2010

Kvelling, bowling, dancing, flying


What a day ! In fact, honestly, almost too much for even BobOnARoll.

Mason's Bar Mitzvah weekend was not long enough to savor all the richness, warmth, and excitement of the moment. But, for all of us who made it out to the west coast, it was worth the journey. Special kudos to my amazing mother, who, a month after hip replacement surgery, summoned all her energy, guts, and determination to make it to the event. What a fine power of example for her grandson....and all of us.

Yes, uncles/godfathers are not objective sources when it comes to bar mitzvah performances, but, please, if you have an hour (or two), pull up a chair and let me describe what perfection sounds and looks like......Mason was flawless and inspiring. Sue and Mark hosted a beautiful weekend, though it whirred by way too fast.

If you are a regular reader, you know that I don't have much use for organized religion anymore, but there is something magical and vital to Coming of Age rituals in Judaism and in most cultures and religions around the world. And to be witness to a loved one literally being transformed in front of one's eyes.....well it's a wow! moment without compare.

Between the morning ceremony and luncheon and the evening's kids party, I sponsored the First Annual Uncle Bob Invitational Bowling Brigade at the local Dublin bowling lanes. It was a nephews vs. nieces event, and the nephews won the first round thanks to Ben's awesome prowess. Tournament Commissioner OnARoll modified the rules for the second round to award the team showing most improvement over round 1, and the girls won hands down. Cash prizes were awarded to all. And BobOnARoll's scores will remain a state secret.

I kept on rolling.....

Attended the first 90 minutes of the kids party, then Jay drove me back to the hotel, where I caught a taxi to SFO and a non-stop flight to Hong Kong.

Yep, I AM getting too old for this.....but what a blast !!

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