Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lunch, Italian style.....

I am glad I decided to stay in NYC for most of the holidays, since so many friends and colleagues pass through here at this time of year. Today was a lunch-time catch-up with long-time pal Luca, whom I met (we figured out) almost 25 years ago when I was a still-wet-behind-the-ears magazine consultant (now I'm just all wet) working for Mondadori. Luca's grandfather launched the company that I worked for in Milan, but Luca himself has created a successful book publishing business, buying and reviving a moribund brand years ago.

Will be seeing another couple of old friends--Paulo and Barbara-- tonight over dinner. We reconnected not too long ago after losing touch for many years after Harvard B-school days. Valued and dear friends from the past; we are renewing our friendship in the here and now.

My family and long-time friends provide a continuity and stability I crave, sort of an offset or antidote to a professional and personal life "on a roll". When I sometimes question what I am doing here and why I am doing it, I settle into a dining or cafe chair for a long chat with an old friend and I get a welcomed reminder about the meaning and goodness of it all.

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