Sunday, December 13, 2009

My 21st century mom

My mother was an early-adopter long before the advertising agencies coined the term.

She was the first person I knew who drove an English car, a Vauxhall, well before we saw Jags, Bentleys, and such on the road. It was a cool car---I particularly remember that there was no gear shift---you engaged the drive or reverse by pushing a series of buttons located on the left hand side of the steering wheel.

She was the only mom who drove a Mustang back in the day, which she (lovingly?!?) loaned me to pursue my life's ambitions as a pizza delivery boy.

She went back to college to get a degree when we were in our teens. And she was way ahead of her times in her attitudes about race and gender roles.

True to form, she is now a fellow Kindler. We bought her the e-reader for Hanukkah this year. I loaned her mine for a few days when I was home for Thanksgiving, and she appeared to be hooked. I'll bet $500 there are fewer than half a dozen (if that) 80-something women in my home town that will be reading from their own Kindles this holiday season.

Way to go, mom, and happy reading ! Keep leading the way----we're delighted to watch where it takes you (and us).


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