Saturday, December 12, 2009

The good life

I love reading stories about consumers back in the stores and people enjoying holiday parties, family reunions, and such. A needed reminder that, even in tough times, the rituals that nourish us press forward.

I don't participate in any of it, I'll be honest. My family does a Hanukkah thing back in Chicago, but I don't go home for it. No Stars of David or holly or poinsettias around the house, thank you very much. And I never step foot into a store at this time of year---I do all my holiday shopping online. I like the Messiah (not the real one, the music !) and I'm attending a performance at Avery Fisher Hall next Friday. Beginning and end of my holiday season.

The spirit is infectious, though, and I've even been enjoying watching the tourists mingling at the sites they enjoy on the upper west side, Times Square, Lincoln Center, etc. Reminds me how grateful I am to be living in this extraordinary city. Come one, come all, and bring your credit cards. :)

Life is grand. Get out there and enjoy it !!

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