Monday, November 2, 2009

Final campaign rally

Since Election Day is tomorrow, this is BobOnARoll's last chance to pitch for write-in votes for his mayoral candidacy.

If you follow my blog from time to time, you already know about my opposition to all parades in Manhattan and my proposals for the elimination of all street fairs and the cessation of the lottery.

Two final campaign promises:

1. Every other Wednesday, all museums, galleries, and public transport will be reserved for residents of the five boroughs only. Tourists and visitors will be confined to a four block radius centered on Times Square.

2. Halloween will still be allowed but cannot take place within five days of the NY City Marathon. All costumes and revelry in the city shall be confined to the area south of 23rd Street in Manhattan.

That about covers it.

Write in "BobOnARoll" tomorrow. And tell your friends.....

I love New York. Thank you.

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