Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Not even voting 'present'

On a somewhat more serious note vs. yesterday's post----

I decided I am not voting today.

Can't bring myself to violate my deeply held views about term limits, and I won't vote for Thompson. So I sit this one out, along the path of least resistance, that leads to an outcome I can live with: another four years of the arrogant, competent billionaire.

I am unhappy with the options I have, and some would say, well, that's the way it usually is in politics. Vote for the lesser evil and do your civic duty !

I can't this year.

p.s. we have to do something about unwanted political telemarketing calls----have screened all my calls for last 3-4 days and they just keep on comin'.......where are the stats that prove this technique actually works?

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