Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sweet departures

Saturday NYC

D came over last night with a generous sampling of one of his Friday creations: chocolate truffles with a creamy salted caramel inside. Bite into one and you can't help but smile. Probably 500 calories a pop, but who cares. BobOnARoll will either have to go back to cycling classes fast or give up this budding relationship.

Have no prospects for or interest in marriage, but join almost all progressives in celebrating the overturn of Prop 8 in California. Regardless of your views of the issue at hand, We the People do not have the moral or constitutional power to put civil rights up for majority vote. That view was strongly affirmed by the federal judge's ruling. Hooray for the USA. That ruling, combined with the NY City government's support and ruling in favor of the proposed Islamic center adjacent to Ground Zero, reaffirms something unique and wonderful about who we are, why our nation exists, and why the rule of law trumps popular whim.

Contrast this with where I am flying to today. In the UAE, there are no trial balloons to gauge public sentiment on the issues of the day. In fact, there are no trials either, at least proceedings we might recognize as such. Or constitutional rullings at an appellate court level. I am no America First, Love It or Leave It kind of guy, but as much as I am challenged and exhilarated by my media launch and my colleagues and propfessional contacts in Dubai, I will be looking forward to coming back home and a deep breath of freedom.

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