Tuesday, August 10, 2010



Wish they had accelerated the demise of the Blackberry here. Life could slow a bit and I wouldn't be feeling like an obstetrician on 24/7 call here in the desert. Alas, the beat goes on, and everything on the newspaper launch is running at a feverish pace. Still having fun but anxious to turn the day to day COO responsibilities over to a local. The stress of feet in two worlds 7000 miles apart is beginning to wear badly.

Haven't even had time to see Lee yet, though hope we will remedy that tonight after tennis with my fave teaching pro Nick.

Ramadan is about to begin here. Another cultural experience to round out almost a full calendar year spent in and out of the UAE. Aside from the prayers and daytime fasting that form the traditional core of the holiday, advertisers have stepped up with special offers, sales, and new product intros. Perhaps taking advantage of the delirium of the population taking no food or water in the 120 degree heat? Who can say??

Other side notes: a full page ad in yesterday's paper from the Abu Dhabi government announcing extended hours for the local slaughterhouse and urging households to use the abbatoir in lieu of sacrifices (ritual or other) performed in the backyard. Hey, we once thought the pooper scooper laws in NYC were onerous, remember??!! OK OK!! I'll bring in the goat ! Just don't make me mow the lawn this month, alright??!

Vive les differences.....

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