Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Whirled Cup

Imagine a global event infused with genuine passion, excitement, and decades-old rivalries that does not even make it onto today's home page of the yep, that about sums up World Cup football, USA style.

Here in Dubai (and almost everywhere else on earth), it's more like the whirled cup, with hotels, bars, restaurants, movie theaters all showing the matches and offering special food/drink packages.  Large air conditioned tents and bubbles have been set up on beaches and business campuses around town to stage the event, with gigantic screens and seating for thousands. Sports sections of the morning papers today were 80% world cup, and all carried a photo and/or story on the front page.  It's a big big deal here.

Why don't we Americans "get" it ?  I've heard numerous amateur psycho/sociological arguments, but none resonate for very long.  Lee and I watched the France-Uruguay match last night, which didn't start until 10:30 pm local time here.  It was an exciting game; I continue to be amazed at the durability and stamina of the players who are in constant motion for 45 minutes per period.  But, in the end, there were no goals, the outcome was a tie, and the commentators hailed the "victory" of sorts for the Uruguayans, who held their own against the returning world champions.  Ah......ok.  I get it that I just don't get it.

How about them Blackhawks, eh ??!!!!

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