Saturday, June 12, 2010

The view from the top

Saturday afternoon, on the roof

Hotel life ain't grand, I don't care what your budget is. Though Lee has been hanging out with me a lot here at the Sheraton, humanizing the whole experience, let's face it: there is no place like home. Can't wait to get back to mine.

Though hermetically sealed by unopenable windows in the guest rooms down below, the Sheraton has a spectacular gym/pool/rooftop deck that is partially shaded from the sun and offers fantastic views of the cityscape (see photo) and all the way to the beach, on a clear day. Great to sit up here day or night for some unair-conditioned air. We came up here last night after the match and enjoyed the thousand Arabian points of light.

From here on high, the outlook is good. The UAE economy is in recovery, and my sports media launch is roaring ahead for a mid September debut. These next few days I expect to define my longer term role with the project, staying on as a consultant commuting here once a month or taking on a more active management role, thereby remaining here for longer stretches of time.

With a daily high of 105 F, the proposition of longer trips is hardly inviting. Yet, life here can be quite comfortable and, thanks to Lee's help, we have been playing tennis and working with a great tennis pro here about every other night. After this first week, I believe there may be hope for my serve.

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