Monday, May 24, 2010

Tea for you (and me?)

The Tea Partiers pose the philosophical challenge of when is it okay to affiliate yourself with groups you despise in order to achieve an outcome that you desire?

BobOnARoll is a business person, not a philosopher, of course.  So, process is important, yes, and so is the care and development of the team, but, at the proverbial end of the day, Outcome is king.  Revenue, expense, profit, market share, oh baby !!

Alright, so back to the Tea Party.  No secret that this is a ultra-conservative right wing take back America kind of crowd.  There is no party platform that I am aware of, but, if there were, I'd find perhaps 1% of common ground with these folks.  But yet, but yet......  They are achieving by democratic vote one of BobOnARoll's long-held goal: term limits for incumbents.  By targeting Congresspeople and Senators who have just been around too long (in many cases), the T.P.'s are forcing new blood into the system and, yep, shaking things up and out.  It's the quintessential American Way---when we are finally fed up and can't take it anymore, we vote 'em out.

We haven't seen a vote 'em out wave in American politics in decades.  Say what you will about the value of experience, it means nothing if there is no track record of accomplishment that results from the application of that experience to our most pressing problems.  Polling data show that the People are disgusted with Congress yet habitually return incumbents at record levels.  Now, that political cognitive dissonance is beginning to self-correct.  Without the T.P.'s, it would be just another year of bemoaning the do-nothing Congress and re-electing the bad guys and gals.  This year, it can potentially be a new era.

I welcome the change.

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