Sunday, May 23, 2010

Commencement Sunday

Another Sunday in May, another graduation, this weekend's at Connecticut College. If I am able to make next weekend's in Chicago, that will be three this month. Hey, where's BobOnARoll's honorary degree ?!??

I am a sucker for pomp and circumstance. Not the song, but the events associated with it---especially the college rituals. Brings me back to memories of my own, but it's more about the shared experience of participating in a loved one's transition to a new phase. And recognition of achievement.

Jeff Sachs, the renowned economist, was the speaker at today's event. Forceful talk but not much new. What did move me was the class president's reminder that all we have is the 'now' and a college chaplain's gentle prayer to ask God to show each of the graduates--and each of us--the path forward. This past week has been a tough one--and I needed the reminder that turning over one's journey into the hands of spirit yields a clarity and serenity not available through force of will alone.

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