Monday, March 22, 2010

Yes, we can....

....and they did. Amazing !

Good for them. Good for us.

Saw Orrin Hatch on CNN on Sunday, and he had that look in his eye that always reminds me of the submerged alligator that has suddenly spotted the young doe drinking at the water's edge.....

We're going to be fighting the health care battle for years to come, but yesterday's vote was a huge down payment on the costs of getting it right. The voters will have a judgment to make this fall, and then we'll see whether we can forge ahead or lose hope...again. If the only big issues that America is willing to actually take on and accomplish something is in the waging of war in foreign countries, then we've really lost our national purpose. If the Republicans are serious, then let's hear their better ideas. Doing nothing is not an option. I hope Obama will keep us focused on more limited objectives of jobs and health care through the next election, and the rest will have to be left for another day.

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