Monday, February 22, 2010


OK, dear reader, just when you thought it was going to be progressive and safe to oppose BobOnARoll's term limits crusade, two events in the last 24 hours should give you pause.

The first, Evan Bayh's embarrassing swan song on the op-ed page of the Sunday Times. Evan's taking his marbles and going home. His solutions to Senate deadlocks? Let's have lunch, literally! To paraphrase, his Big Idea is that all senators be required to have lunch together on a regular basis---and to spend more time at each other's homes for dinner and so forth (can pajama parties and mutual hair braiding be far behind??). Oh, yeah, and that filibuster problem? Evan's idea is to reduce the threshold to cut off debate from 60 to 55 votes. Got it? Bayh, now.

The second, today, our illustrious Senate debated and labored and cajoled and discussed and voted and approved...a jobs bill ! $15 billion ! Hmmm, sounds Herculean, but, really folks, in the face of massive unemployment, an economic stimulus measure that amounts to 0.1% of GDP is like throwing a Wet-Nap on an oil spill.

Can't we just fire all of them?

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