Sunday, January 3, 2010

Glass act

Hung up my tennis shoes yesterday and played tourist with Reb, Ed, and kids. A trip to Tacoma to drop off sinks (long story) and then on to the Museum of Glass for a look around and a glass blowing demo.

Have been a collector of glass objects for years, and yes if you are ever looking for a gift for BobOnARoll, well-made paperweights, colorful vases, and unusually shaped pieces are always welcomed. Have always been fascinated by the convergence of chemistry, craft, and innovation in the glass making process. And the ceramic arts, too. Titillated by the small element of danger entailed in handling objects heated to 3000 degrees F.

This is Dale Chihuly territory, and the bridge which spans a narrow channel adjacent to the museum is decorated with about two dozen works. Not a big fan of the work but acknowledge the underlying skill and vision. The kind of work best admired in museums and galleries better suited to its scale and ambition.

At brunch today, Kevin asked whether I was going to write anything meaningful about glass, and after the quick lame joke about "people who live in glass houses....", I had to admit that, no, there is no wider message. Just mystery, awe, and the pleasure of experiencing creation in the hands of another human being.

On to Chicago tomorrow, for some family medical stuff, and then home.

There's a long period of reconstruction ahead, on every level. Can't wait to get on with it......

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