Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving message

My fellow turkeys,

I've asked for a few minutes of your time this evening, not to ruffle any feathers or trot around the issues, but to share with you my gratitude for another year of bounty and blessings. As you all know, these are challenging times, and I admit to feeling like my neck is on the line each and every day as your Turkey In Chief. Nevertheless, I am pleased at the progress we have made, as fellow pilgrims in the quest for a better nation.

There is no use dressing up our problems or slapping our thighs in joy or distress. We must, at such times, keep our heads on straight and resist the urge to gobble up resources that must be used for the benefit of all. Whether dark or white, love of country beats deeply in all of our breasts. And this spirit will power each of us through to better days ahead. We will do what we must, and share our success with other nations. No one will be left out, left behind, or left over on my watch.

Fellow turkeys, we can no longer rely on the gravy train legacy of the Great Society. Although I do not believe that it is every turkey for him or herself, these are times that require us all to carve unique roles for ourselves and, if necessary, work ourselves to the bone to turn this country around. I ask you to join me in this great endeavor.

Thank you, happy holidays, and God bless America.

1 comment:

  1. You do have a way with words.
    I love the way you weaved turkeyisms into your important message.