Friday, September 18, 2009

Getting my Phil

Last night I had the privilege of attending the opening night of the regular NY Philharmonic season, which Maestro Gilbert inaugurated with Mahler's 3rd symphony. I had never heard the 3rd in a live performance before, and this one had it all---full orchestra, a soloist, and two young people's choirs. Thrilling.

We were in the rear section of the orchestra, where I think the acoustics are among the best in the house. The sound felt like a narrow projectile thrusting off the stage, directly toward us. I don't like Avery Fisher Hall as a music venue---always feels like I am sitting in a large concrete barn. And the sound, particularly during crescendos, seems tinny to these middle aged ears. Nonetheless, the orchestra was in fine form and it was refreshing to see the talented young maestro in such confident command of his troops.

Mahler's Third is a wonder. The first and sixth movements, in particular, were packed with such emotional highs (and lows) that I felt like I was experiencing a lifetime of feeling in less than 90 minutes. Listening intently with both ears but reflecting on the twists and turns of my own life as the music set a mood for a journey of my own creation.

A wonderful evening to kick off the new year weekend. Another one of those Only in New York moments which left me feeling moved and grateful.

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  1. Oh, so wish I were there!!! Would have been a treat to both the soul & ears....
    Mahler, a splendid musical dramatist.
    Have a wonderful season!