Monday, September 14, 2009


Another beautiful September day in NYC, the second in a row, with the promise of more to come this week. These are my favorite weeks in New York, and, unlike spring, which is usually too short or even non-existent here, the fall almost always delivers weather-wise.

Nose back to the grindstone, and am moving a number of potential business opportunities forward on several fronts. The news from the media business is less grim than where we were a few months ago, with ad spending starting to turn around in many more sectors. I remain optimistic about scaring up some new business in the weeks ahead, but the media segment I know best--magazines--is still in the doldrums. So there may be months more of slogging ahead of me.

I didn't necessarily need the reminder, but spending a few days with mom in rehab in Chicago this past weekend was a reminder of where the 'never say die' spirit comes from. Her amazing improvement in physical well being and ability to ambulate unassisted is an inspiration. Simple lesson: hard work, determination, focused effort, never give up. Guess what? It works !

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