Thursday, June 25, 2009

More good news

Friends continue to achieve greatness, even as my media career, tennis game, and love life sink into the abyss. So, let's talk about them, not me.

Carol's Elle beats Vogue in ad pages this month for the first time since the launch of the American Elle twenty four years ago. She's engineered both an awesome product and a first class sales and marketing effort and reinvented her game plan year after year. Up, up, up she goes. Even in a down media climate, she's producing miracles. Hats off....

Choreographer Nicholas Leichter premiered his latest creation, Killa, at the Joyce last night to a full house (and standing ovation....). Met Nick five or six years ago and have been following his dance troupe's career ever since. I even made a small contribution to his successful trajectory, having served as chair of his first board. The premiere was featured in the Times arts pages last Friday, and I'm told there will be a piece/review tomorrow. Grateful to know him now and to have known him "when". Tickets still available for 2 more shows at the Joyce through this weekend. Catch it !

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