Friday, June 26, 2009


New York continues to have its own version of June gloom. It is raining, no, lightening and thundering and pouring (again), as I write, and I'm not sure but this has to be an all-time record for consecutive days where it has rained at least once per day for xxx consecutive days in NYC (anyone know??). Luckily, my mood and disposition no longer match meteorological conditions.

Two long chats with friends helped buoy my spirits today---the first an hour long skype call with Mark D from Nepal, whose stories, photographs, and good works in Nepal these last 4-5 months merit a description that is beyond inspiring. And then lunch with Carol S, media superstar, who is not only a professional inspiration but a great friend. We covered as many business and personal topics as we could squeeze into an hour.

Attitude determines altitude, and we are as happy as we decide we want to be. OK. Got it. But a "little help from my friends" is always welcome. Keep those emails and phone calls comin', guys.... Thanks !!

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