Saturday, April 25, 2009


It has arrived. The first completely absolutely ecstatically warm sunny day of the season. And timed perfectly for the weekend. The upper west side apartment buildings have disgorged their weary pale faced denizens into the joyful streets adjacent to Central Park, and the tulips and other early spring bloomers have cooperated with their exuberant dislplays, all in unison for our benefit.

We knew it would be like this...eventually. A long long winter this one. In NY we have only 3 seasons, unlike other cities in the northern latitudes which enjoy all four. Fall, Winter, and Sprummer---when the temperature climbs from 42 to 82 in less than 24 hours. Tomorrow it will be 90. Much like NYers, nature is an immoderate force that allows no time for comfortable transition.

Bring it on! Perfect for tennis. My NY season commences tomorrow at 11. Yeehaaa!

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