Thursday, April 23, 2009


The tulips in Central Park are not the only living things in Manhattan and elsewhere that are calling attention to themselves.  This spring is bringing three dear friends all kinds of successes, and readers know that I love to brag.  

Scott's Star Trek, which has opened to rave reviews in Sydney and London, opens here soon and the movie has succe$$ written all over it.  Trailers have been awesome.  Can't wait to see his work as design boss of the whole "enterprise".  And---how lucky for me--he is going to come with me to opening night in NY.   I already have funny ears, so my opening night costume won't be difficult to assemble.

Jase's successful opening in Stuttgart coincided with the announcement that his work has been picked up by Christie's for their late May Hong Kong auction of contemporary Asian art. Amazing. And thrilling.  Let's hope for big bucks---we have a lot of travel plans ahead.... :) You can read all about it right here: 

Last but not least, publishing comrade Carol S, who heads the Elle group at Hachette, gets 5 minutes on last Sunday's CNBC/Wall Street Journal report.   She is rocking as new Chief Brand Officer over there.  Here's her interview segment---lookin' good, kiddo !!

Hard acts to follow, one and all, but I'm happy they will still have lunch with me.  Right, guys???  Uhhh....guys?

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