Thursday, March 19, 2009

Strokin' in Bermuda, Day 2

The pink sandy beaches are just as I remember them.  A color I haven't seen anywhere else.  Very fine grains, almost like powder, that have an amazing sensual feel as they flow through my fingers.  Harry and I took a walk at sunset yesterday along Horseshoe Crab Beach, a cool evening but calm along the water's edge.

Within 45 minutes of my arrival at the house yesterday, I had unpacked, set up my tennis lesson for Thurs AM, reserved dinner for Friday night at a place that had been highly recommended, and called the scooter rental agency, which sent over a van to take me into Paget, where my 50cc motor transport was waiting for me.  So, now I'm all set for the weekend....

Harry's friend John, whose house we are staying at, is gone on vacation to Paris, so it's just us plus two of the most adorable, sweet 4 year old beagles you could ever meet.  Brother and sister---one named Jin and the other, Tonic.  So Bermuda!  Mine would be Diet and Coke or Lemon and Ade, but you play the cards you're dealt, right?   Tails were wagging as I arrived, and I'm having so much fun with dogs around.

These are unusually affectionate beagles----and no barking!  But plenty of lap 
sitting and...licking!  Here's BobOnARoll getting a tongue bath, a thrice daily ritual so far.

Was on the tennis courts for a little over two hours today, part A with a solid instructor who evaluated my serves, groundstrokes, and volleys.  We both concluded I needed to return tomorrow.  :)  

Harry and I hit for about 45 minutes.  

It's a long road to that doubles event I want to enter with Harry in Taipei this summer.  But you can accomplish a lot taking it one day, one game, one match at a time.  Like so many challenges I face.  Great to be doing it all in this beautiful locale.

OK, time to grill some steaks for dinner.  Gotta go.....

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