Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hey, mon

315 pm, Wednesday

Arrival at Bermuda International Airport 15 minutes ahead of schedule. Greeted by brisk winds, temps in the 60s, and cloudy skies, and a local jazz band playing island music on our way to immigration. Time to kick back with a cold tall mango juice!!

Am here to meet up with my friend, tennis muse, and all around great guy Harry, who arrived here a week ago from his home in Taipei to house-and-dog-sit for a friend of his on the island. Harry invited me down for a long weekend of fun and games.

This is my 2nd trip to Bermuda, the first having while ago when I was a college senior in the company of 13 other lost little black sheep. We were here to claim our share of what was, way back when, one of the great annual Whiffenpoof boondoggles of all time--an all expenses paid stay at the Castle Harbour Hotel in exchange for nightly white tie and tails concerts for the guests of the resort. The Castle Harbour, I believe, is long gone--and so are we, for that matter. But it was one of the best times of my life--enriched by the presence of my fellow songsters, my college sweetheart and many bottles of Myers Rum.

No rum or sweethearts on the menu this time around, but I hope lots of tennis, scootering around, and lazing along the pink sandy beaches. Oh, yeah, and plenty of work and reading to catch up on, too.

Will be blogging along the way and may even get around to posting some video of my less than mediocre tennis play, too.

The sun has come out, temps are up. Traffic heavy on road to Southampton. ETA to tennis court: 45 minutes. Let's roll.....

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