Sunday, March 15, 2009

NY, NY: sublime? ridiculous? you choose....

Love opera?  Do what you must to get over to the Met and enjoy two of the finest singers in the world---Natalie Dessay and Juan Diego Florez--perform in La Sonnambula.  I was wowed by Dessay when I was lucky enough to attend her recital at the Santa Fe Opera years ago and have been following her ever since---including her eerie Lucia last season and, last night, Amina in La Sonnambula.  Juan Diego, ah, yes, sublime really does capture it for him.  He brought down the house on at least 3 occasions last night; patrons cheering and screaming in the aisles.  I was one of the lucky ones who saw Juan Diego and Natalie perform in La Fille du Regiment last season (see above), including his 'ah, mes amis' encore (9 high C's ! count 'em....).  The re-pairing of the man from Lima and the lady from Lyon is a performance you should not miss.  Go.

On to the ridiculous:  the melee that erupted yesterday on the street at the America's Top Model open auditions.  I passed by this crowd heading home from City Center on Friday night.  Camped out in sleeping blankets, cots, and pup tents the line already stretched down the block and wrapped around the corner.  A few smiles from some of the girls as I passed by, but there was not a good atmosphere.  Maybe the cold.  Maybe...well, I heard a number of nasty comments directed at passers-by, and I felt a weird vibe as I walked along.  Did not surprise me to read this morning that the crowd ended up rioting yesterday afternoon.

We have it all here in NY.  Endless surprises, mostly delightful.  Lucky New Yorker am I.

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