Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Warren factions

When everyone else is up in arms about this or that, my first reaction is to keep my arms at my side and my head on straight. The Rev. Warren/Obama inauguration controversy that is frosting the behinds of my fellow LGBT's is just such a moment.

This is Obama's Sista Souljah moment, but in reverse. Stick it to the secular humanist liberals and if we can show some insensitivity to gay lesbian Americans at the same time, hooray. It's a two-fer. So sayeth the Lord.

Look, we're not going to get very much of what we want from an LGBT perspective from Barack. I think his heart is in the right place, but I'd be happy to trade support for gay marriage in exchange for a gay Secretary of the Navy. Not going to happen. No political capital will be wasted on getting votes that are already going to come your way the next time around. They said that only Nixon could go to China, and the inverse holds as well. So let's expect little progress on LGBT issues these next 4 years leading up to the re-election. But probably not much backsliding either.

Rev Warren's statements about gays and lesbians have been despicable. But Obama would have to look long and hard to find a major Christian fundamentalist or evangelical leader who has not uttered distasteful remarks about us. Same applies to Orthodox Jews and devout Muslims. So if we insist on an inaugural invocation--and I suppose we have to have one for a nation that prints 'In God We Trust' on its currency--then my advice is to expect little so as to avoid further disappointment.

Of course in my version of a perfect world, reverends and rabbis and imams would be banned from the inaugural ceremony altogether. And the daily opening of Congress, too. These people are nothing but trouble for the LGBT community and have no useful place presiding at a state function in a country where Church and State should be strictly separated.

So let's sit back and try to enjoy the rest of the show. Barack's address will be spectacular and on most non LGBT issues we care about we are going to see positive change. Not the cards we wish we had been dealt but health care and economic restructuring and a strong moral and principled foreign policy are front seat priorities now. In the meantime, get used to being triangulated.

But never be silent. Ever.

Happy new year.

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  1. Bob: Thanks for your perspective on Obama pick of Warren for his inauguration prayer. You put on paper (or screen) what has been swirling around in my head the past couple of weeks. I'm tired of wasting energy burning up over this issue. I posted a comment of protest on Obama's website and don't need to agree with it, but need to accept it and move on. Thanks for helping bring some resolution for me via your perspective on this and LGBT issues in general. By the way, there is an "I" now after the "T" but I forget what it stands for. Happy New Year. Mark D.