Friday, October 31, 2008


Although I distrust political opinion polls, I still look at them, and the latest trend lines, which suggest a presidential race tightening here at the endgame, are somewhat frightening.  Reminds me of the feeling I had as a kid watching horror films in a dark moviehouse---I'd watch the scary parts but only through slits between fingers of the hand I held up to my face.  Chicken shit, I know....

Anyway, for you who are looking for a cure of your fear of polling data (new term:  sententophobia), the NY Times provides a great solution--- 'systematic desensitization' therapy.  Now you can get polling data from all the national, regional, state, and local polling organizations in one place.  Just keep scrolling through the data over and over and eventually you'll start to feel normal again.

So,  here ya go:

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