Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I get crazy when I read polling results about who the American people 'blame' for the current Catastrophe.  Maybe because I've been prone to point the fingers of blame and shame towards others in my life, I've come to learn that those feelings and conclusions get us nowhere.

Everything on W's watch has been a debacle---from 9/11 through the failed and costly wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and now this.  Makes one wish for a parliamentary system where we could have thrown the rascals out by now.

But who exactly ARE the rascals when both Democrats and Republicans alike have been paid off and compromised by special interests---in recent years, the banks,  home construction, and real estate industries--to help foment the housing boom that, now in free fall, caused this mess? They are all implicated in this, and no one is stepping forward to accept responsibility.  Pathetic.

Guess what?  We collectively have played a big role in this---we've been seduced by the promises of a 'free lunch' for the last 8 years (and many other years before that), and assumed that more of the same was some kind of American birthright !  Low-cost credit and mortgages at below prime rate?  Yeah, yeah, gimme more of that!!  

Sacrifice for the common good and investment for the future of the next generation have evaporated as American ideals.   Who should take responsibility for that?  Would love to see THOSE poll numbers....

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