Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Speech that Romney Should Have Delivered

Fellow Republicans, and my fellow Americans of all political persuasions,

I first want to thank the people of New Hampshire for their votes, their support, and encouragement.  You have boosted my candidacy here in the Granite State, and you have sent a clear message to the rest of the country:  with God's help, Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee and the next President of the United States.

I intend to devote and dedicate the rest of this campaign to the American people and especially the American middle class---the bedrock of this nation in good times and tough times. We'll be talking about the challenges we face in this tough economy and dangerous world and why I as a Republican believe that limited and restrained government can be one of the engines to restore us to prosperity and re-assume our role as undisputed leader of the Free World.

Before we leave here on the way to South Carolina and Florida,  I need to make my case to the American people once again about why I seek your support during the remaining primaries and--I hope--in the presidential contest this fall.

The Obama administration has failed its most important responsibility---to ensure the growth of the economy and the prosperity of the American people.  Our mentor, Ronald Reagan, said it best years ago when he was running against Jimmy Carter----are you better off today than you were four years ago?  If your answer is yes, then you'll probably want to vote for the other guy, but if you are like more than 3/4 of the American people, the answer is a firm no.  It's time for a change in the Oval Office. We've tried a failed liberal economic policy for three years----and though we're seeing a few hopeful signs of recovery, economic growth in this nation is nowhere near strong enough to provide good jobs for all who want them.  That is not good enough.  It's time for a change.

There's been a lot of baloney said about me during this tough campaign, but heck that's the price we pay for being in politics.  I like great competitors---because I can't fire them (hehe) and wouldn't want to.  We have a  major fight ahead of us to take back the White House and make the government work for the people again, so I know a lot of things get said, including by me, in the heat of battle that we later regret.  But let's be clear---the knocks we candidates are taking and dishing out to each other in this race are nothing compared to the economic challenges faced by the people.  Not enough prosperity, not enough good paying jobs, and a Democratic administration that is clueless about what to do next.

I run for this office as a successful businessman and former governor of a great state.  I was lucky enough to be born into a good family, went to good schools, and tried to make the most of all the advantages I was given from the start.  I worked hard, took risks, invested, made some good decisions, and some bad ones, and became successful, along side a wife and family I adore.   I was lucky but I tried to use what I learned to make money in private enterprise.  And then to a successful term as governor of Massachusetts.  It's true that my business decisions sometimes resulted in people losing their jobs and assets getting sold off as we reorganized and built new companies, but we also invested in building companies, with more new jobs and new technology for the future.  That's progress---the American way.  The old creates the foundation for the new.  And I am proud that I have been able to play a part in it.

I bring that same can-do, let's get to work, less government spirit of American free enterprise to this campaign.  And that's a big change from what this current president has shown us.  We have to get America moving again and put people back to work, making good wages, rewarding the risk-takers and re-training our people for 21st century competition.  I want to take on that challenge as your president.

Please join me in this historic campaign.  Thank you, New Hampshire.  Now, on to South Carolina, Florida, and victory in November.  Thank you et bonne nuit,er, I mean good night.

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