Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wham ! Bam ! Go !

Dubai Wednesday

We launched today. No turning back now and who wants to anyway? In less than eight months, we created the edit and business plan, raised the money, recruited an international content team, signed content partners, distributors, printers, and, yes, even advertisers ! Last night, we were only 30 minutes late closing the first issue and the product looks great. Many distribution hiccups, as expected, but it's out last !

Two launch parties, the first in Abu Dhabi two nights ago and last night's featuring live demos of Brazilian martial arts and then a three-round kickboxing match (see photo) that was witnessed by about 500 attendees. A good turnout for a 'school night'. We even had an appearance from a member of the royal family. Hooray for us !

Big media launches SHOULD have a touch of glamour. This one did. Now the hard work of the day to day begins. My role as COO now segues to an advisory position, but I feel the same pride and attachment to a successful outcome as any parent would. Though hardly flesh and blood, this brand required enormous effort to give it life, mostly by a team of hard working dedicated people. The brand now lives and breathes and will develop a life of its own independent of any one of us. As it should be.

Home tomorrow.

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  1. A big congratulations on mission (grandly and greatly) accomplished!!
    Another big tick on the cv and/or portfolio... Woot!