Sunday, August 29, 2010

Alright, let's try golf....

Maybe golf will help cure what ails me lately. Chasing a small hard round white ball through 6000+ yards of lush green grass trees lakes and beach. We'll find out this afternoon...with my fave foursome. At the very least, the object of my joy and frustration will be right at my feet.

What a week. Return from a high intensity 2 weeks in the UAE, then 3 days of painful lower back spasms, rush to complete dozens of unfinished deal points in Dubai vendor contracts, and general anxiety between me and a few significant others, I then ended the week by locking myself out of my apartment (cost: $485), buying a duplicate pair of movie tix last night because I failed to bring my print at home receipt to the theater (cost :$24; Jase graciously plied me with popcorn, M&M's, and ice tea to soothe the pain), and then, this morning, laundering my passport that I forgot to remove from my jeans back pocket (cost: TBD). Do I dry it or iron it???

Oooh boy.

Time for a vacation....or the sanitorium. In any event, I clearly need adult supervision.

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