Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The delights of aging

OK, let's face it: as much as you might wish it so, BobOnARoll is NOT eternal.  He ages; some think with a moderate amount of charm and grace; others, they cross to the opposite side of the road.  Losers !

Anyway, have a gratitude list a mile long and woke up with a smile a mile wide today, and it's just been one of those days when friends and family from all over have been kind enough to call and remember, from childhood friends through old flames.

Work pressures, not suprisingly, did not relent today, but they always take me to interesting destinations by phone and email---from Nashville to Paris to Beirut and Dubai.  And that was just before lunch !

One of the benefits of the single dating life, besides the obvious, is the chance to make connections to guys that bring lives and skill sets uniquely their own---and, on days such as today, skills I can use !  So, come on, dear reader----if you could date anyone you choose on your birthday, who would it be?   Well, in my case, he's a pastry chef !  Yeehaaa !  My ship has come in---hopefully loaded with cupcakes !

Hope your day has been as blessed and fun-filled as mine.  Back to curmudgeonly commentary by tomorrow.....

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