Sunday, July 11, 2010

A cup a cup a cup a cup a cup

Whew. Only one more night of this. Now I understand why the World Cup is a quadrennial event. I don't think our collective bodies could handle the excitement and sleep deprivation more than once every four years.

Though the Middle East is more of a local/regional soccer market than an international one, countries such as the UAE, which claim residents from more than 160 countries, are hotbeds of soccer interest and enthusiasm. Every hotel in town hosts world cup nights at its bars and restaurants (mine also hosts a rooftop open air party----but it really is way too hot, even at night, to sit outdoors for 2+ hours). Plus, companies, advertisers, et al host large tent parties with food and drink for inviyed guests or the general public at AED 50-100 per head.

We're going to watch at a pub at the hotel, only an elevator ride away from my room. No horn-blowing-car-caravan-flag-waving hoolaganism for BobOnARoll. I have my standards.......

Ole !

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