Wednesday, May 5, 2010


BobOnARoll's obsession with the veil and burqa is a gift that keeps on giving. Today's Gulf News--the UAE's leading English language daily--reports on a $700 fine levied in Novara, Italy, on a Tunisian woman wearing a burqa (fully veiled, covering the face) on a trip to the post office. This development, on the heels of a Belgian law to ban the burqa and French efforts in the same direction, is a fascinating civics issue about the intersection of personal rights to free expression and religious practice vs society's need for security and social cohesion.

My favorite is the DWV violation levied against a veiled woman behind the wheel of her vehicle in Nantes. Driving While Veiled---we're going to see lots more of these cases.

While discussing this topic with Didier and Monica over dinner the other night, I learned that in addition to the ban on scarves and veils in the French public schools, Jewish yarmulkes are banned. Is this true? Intolerable intolerance.

Let's hope that we Americans manage to boycott this particular European import.

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  1. wow that doesn't make much sense next people won't be able to wear clothes while driving concidering you can check out the person next to you to see what they are wearing and have an accident better yet just the people walking shouldn't be able to wear clothes but wait that would be a distraction too. lol. This place is getting stupid.