Sunday, April 25, 2010

It don't mean a thing if you ain't got that swing.....

BobOnARoll's outdoor sports season got fully underway this past week. Cycling last weekend, first tennis match in Central Park this year and first round of golf at Van Cortland park. Happy as a clam.

Unlike years ago, when winning was all that mattered to me, I now play tennis and golf with much greater enthusiasm than skill, plus the acceptance that on any given day, one guy is going to perform better than the other and that may or may not be reflected in the final score. Say what you will about the sillier (and they are) aspects of these two bourgeouis pasttimes, but they are (so far) joyful pursuits for me and provide a new kind of 1:1 time with friends.

Got me thinking about the term 'recreational' sports. The word itself, re-create', perfectly captures the experience of renewal, refreshment, and nurturing of body and soul. We are re-created after our recreations, so that we can go forward with renewed, compassion, clarity, and calm. All that for the price of a permit...and greens fees.

Fore !

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