Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Everytime we say goodbye...

I think I'm going to send a contribution to the Tea Party party, on behalf of the federal term limits movement I have been promoting through this blog and elsewhere. They appear to be accomplishing my goal of a quick and thorough churn in Congress without the need for a Constitutional amendment or other messy state initiatives.

Today's Times reported on the tough re-election campaign facing Barbara Boxer in California. I'm delighted. After 3 terms in the Senate, it's time for a change, and there appears to be a plausible Republican alternative out there. We can acknowledge and honor the contribution of progressives like Sen Boxer, but we don't have to keep returning long term officeholders who become part of the problem. Hate to paint the broad brush against incumbents, because it's not really the most thoughtful option. But what else can be done? And could it really be any worse with a Republican Senate?

Speaking of worse, it appears we won't have Gov David Paterson to kick around much longer. Now there's a guy in way way over his head. Between him and Evan Bayh, we have two cases of sons who have squandered the political brand of effective father politicos they succeeded in public life. Sometimes, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree; other times it just sits on the ground and rots.

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