Saturday, March 13, 2010

Emirates Air

Dubai, Saturday AM

OK, chalk up another foreign airline company that beats the pants off us for comfort, service, cleanliness, and convenience. Emirates Air is the must-use air carrier to Dubai. Nonstop in 12 hours from JFK, arrivng at 8am, with the full day ahead. Enough time on board to relax, watch a film, get some sleep, and arrive feeling sane.

Very Cool detail: as the airplane flies eastbound toward the sunset and darkness, the overhead cabin lighting changes color from neutral white to a deep orange, then purple, simulating the sunset, until, finally, it darkens, revealing shining pinpoints of light on the ceiling like a sky full of stars on a cloudless moonless night. Ooooohhh....

Full screen video and electric outlets at most of the seats, even in coach.

I'm sold.

Beautiful first day here. Warm and dry, temps in low 70's F. On to my first meeting of the day.

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