Friday, January 22, 2010


Have been lucky enough to spend these past two Fridays at the theater, and, if you count Shakespeare as a 'revival', then both evenings I attended revivals of great classics---As You Like It at BAM & Arthur Miller's A View from the Bridge, now in previews at the Cort Theater in midtown. The latter by far the tastier treat, though casting for each show was superb.

The dramas and the playwrights speak for themselves. As You Like It is in the same caliber of Shakespearean fairy tales as Midsummer Night's Dream. A wonderful piece of poetic candy but struck me more as entertainment for the head than the heart. With Arthur Miller, we get punched in the gut, literally and figuratively.

The reviews are going to be great for A View, most likely, after opening night on Sunday. So, even if you hesitate---as I usually do---about revivals, this is a must see for the quality of the cast and production. And it's a limited run, so act fast.

Great ensemble acting and standout moments you will never forget. Had not seen this play performed for at least 20 years, and it feels as fresh and relevant as if the script had just been completed.

Check it out.

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