Wednesday, December 30, 2009


The Seattle Chamber of Commerce should pay me to come here, because each time I arrive, the weather has been great. Though I should bite my, since it may downpour at any moment. I once joked to my Seattleite friends that I have always thought the poor weather stories about this town were a civic myth, designed to keep the in-bound population growth at bay.

So, come on over. Weather's fine.

I'm having a ball. Non-stop since I arrived Monday night. By Tuesday 9 am, I joined 3 friends (and 2 kids) at my fave breakfast joint, Patty's Egg Nest, gorging myself on an enormous plate of fruit topped pancakes, 2 eggs over easy, and four slabs of the tastiest bacon I have eaten since the Coffee Shop in Union Square. Hiked the Discovery Trail. Went to the gym. Dinners with friends, two tennis matches today (Wed) in prep for the tournament which begins Friday.

Harry arrived from Taipei with his entourage on Tuesday evening, and we are prepping our doubles game. Taking a doubles lesson tomorrow and then New Year's Eve with his tennis pals here, who are friendly, funny, and warm and have already embraced me as one of their own. How sweet.

Great to be away from the trials and tribulations of New York. A final clearing of the mind and spirit before facing head on the challenges of 2010.

Feeling as grateful as can be.

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