Thursday, December 10, 2009

Elektracution at the Met

Have been accused of being a grinch and a grump this week, so I'll make this one brief:

If you like Strauss opera as I do, go out and buy the CD of Elektra and take a pass on this year's production at the Met. And try to find a recording with Debbie Voigt (who was wonderful) singing the role of Elektra's sister, Chrysothernis.

Watching Susan Bullock's performance this evening was like being a witness to a botched Elektracution---except that it was we in the audience who were being slowly fried to death, until our lifeless corpses were sent out into the dark frigid night.


  1. Hi Bob,
    Am I off your list because I'm not on the same page with you on your gay marriage intentions? I wasn't throwing down a gauntlet, my friend. I was simply responding directly to your request that I hear what you had to say, and then to the invitation to respond.
    Love, your longtime friend, Scott.

  2. Princess, never crossed my mind that my relationship with you or anyone else dear to me would be affected by gay marriage or any other issue of the day. Love and miss u tons. Well, ok, if you buy the Sarah Palin book, we're through!

    Bob (OnARoll)