Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nine months

Maybe the gestation period for new presidencies mirrors the birthing process for regular humans like you and me. Like a new mom, the president needs 9 months to deliver, and my impression is that Barack & Co are finally hitting their stride.

Though big decisions about Afghanistan and health care compromises loom ahead, I like what I'm reading lately online and in print. On health care, the public option remains on the table and am feeling optimistic that at least the first seeds of real competition for the insurance industry are being sown in a responsible manner. Particularly intrigued by the notion of state opt-out's, so that Looney Tunes states like South Carolina don't spoil the future for the rest of us.

On defense, the papers report that the Obamites have achieved significant victories in restraining spending on unnecessary weapons systems, which sets the stage for even deeper cuts possible when one (hopefully both) of our wars winds down.

Geithner et al are making more confident and assertive statements about changes we need in financial regulations. Hillary is kicking butt overseas.

As for LGBT issues, still pathetic. But the pre-2010 election cycle window remains open, and maybe we can have some concrete progress on 'don't ask', among other items, before the end of the first quarter next year. Fingers crossed and feet to the fire !

Of course we're not out of the woods economically. Those 3rd quarter GDP figures? Ignore them. When consumer spending takes off again, I'll celebrate. can we get Barack to do something about ad spending??

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