Saturday, September 5, 2009

You're soaking in it....

In the wilderness, at just under 2000 meters in the small village of Manza. Here to enjoy a few days of pure R&R, after all the rushing about during the first week of the trip.

This mountainous region of Japan is known for its outdoor activities (hiking, skiing) and its onsen--- hot sulphuric mineral baths fueled by geothermal activity far below the surface. This is part of the Japan I have been looking for, and as I lowered myself into the outdoor bath on my first evening here, the sense of relaxation and well-being was almost immediate.

My silver ring, however, did not fare so well. Absentmindedly, I neglected to remove it before the first plunge. So I now have a dirty brass-colored ring as one souvenir of the trip. Rings come and go but the serenity I feel here is something that only I can take away from myself.

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