Friday, August 14, 2009

Family health care

Mom's in the hospital after an accident, and, as I write, I am flying to Chicago to spend the weekend with her and family who have all gathered in town for what was going to be a series of parties this weekend celebrating Dad's 80th bday, their 60th anniversary, and my sister's and brother-in-law's 50th bdays. Fate and circumstance intervened.

She is OK, though bruised and broken below the right kneecap. A careless driver backed into her as she was walking through a supermarket parking lot this week. The outcome could have been much worse, so we are thankful it wasn't. Months of home therapy and rehab lie ahead for her, however.

Am about to get a first-hand look at Medicare in action-- you know, that socialist government run healthcare system which provides benefits to the tens of millions of our people. For Mom, so far, so good, I'm told. Her care and treatment have been excellent. Let's see what happens when the bills come due or if and when the treatment program runs into unanticipated snags. Will be posting about this from time to time.

I don't expect we'll be convening a 'death panel' this weekend, so pulling the plug on grandma is not an option. She's not even on a plug, plus even if there were such a proverbial plug for Mom, she'd be shooing us far away if any of us dared reach for the off switch. Good for her !!

No flies on her, as we say in our family. And none on me, either, thanks to her.

In a moment of self inflated importance, I decided to write a health care speech for Obama. Am tidying it up and will post it soon. Please stay tuned. And join me in a well wishes prayer for Mommy.

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  1. Please give my best wishes to your family and a speedy recovery for your Mom. BTW my experience with medicare for my mother in law is also good.