Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The ecstasy of release

Maureen Dowd's column about North Korea in today's NYT reminds me of the New Yorker cartoon depicting two dogs chatting on the living room floor, one saying to the other "it's just not enough for dogs to win; cats must die."

The Clinton vs Clinton saga rolls on in the imaginations of reporters and columnists who see most things thru the prism of gender and political one-upmanship. In the World According to Dowd, she seems to suggest that for Bill to "win", Hillary has to "lose". I think not.

No, we haven't gone post-racial or post-gender, yet. Maybe we never will. But, I don't think our understanding of the North Korea scenario improves by casting this as Act (pick a number) in the Mr & Mrs Clinton drama. I like the notion of these two very skilled leaders acting in concert, with Barack and others all on board in pursuit of a common progressive international agenda. Now that IS two for the price of one.

Imagine. Climate treaties. Nuclear non proliferation. Mideast peace. There's a world of hurt and challenge out there. Hill sets it all in motion and sends in Bill to seal the deal. Awesome.

OK, so where to send Bill next? Tehran??

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