Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Breathing room

OK, I'm ready to cut Barack some slack here, and I hope you will too. The guy's a miracle---trying to tackle all the issues that 2-3 decades of mediocre Presidential leadership have left for him. Oh, yeah, and the world financial system has been coming unglued, too. Somebody had to pick up the shovel and start to clean out the barn, and, as luck would have it, a smart, steady, serious-minded progressive is right there, overalls on and ready to roll, when we need him.

I am guilty of saying and writing what now troubles me, which is the tendency to nitpick the president into oblivion. And, if we succeed at eating away at him, who are we left with? Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi? That'll be Code Blue time for America....

Yep, I like that progressives are jumping onto the health care issue with newfound courage and directness. But just maybe, on those issues where we disagree so vehemently with the Obamites, a little benefit of the doubt is in order. We DO know where this guy's heart is and we have to help set the conditions that will give rise to his success. Anything less, we shoot ourselves in the foot, and President Gingrich and Vice President Limbaugh are inaugurated in January 2013. How about them apples?

Let's avoid the temptation to take the temperature of this Presidency every day, and here I am telling on myself as much as anyone else. It's August, the last 2 weeks of the summer. Take a breather and let the Obamas enjoy their well-earned break from the insanity.....

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