Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bon appetit.....

Until last night, I thought I had a lock on the all-time best Julia Child imitation. But Meryl Streep wins hands-down, and I am delighted to step offstage and let her and the lovely film Julie & Julia carry us along with her. The film is a perfect confection, just like one of Julia's custards, creams, or cakes.

My Julia was not bad, I'm told. And somewhere---hopefully deeply buried--in my father's video archives is a 5-10 minute tape of my sister and I doing a Julia makes family dinner segment to the laughter of all concerned. This might have been back in my drinking days, so I'm not fully responsible for my actions, should this tape surface.....someday....

Meryl completely inhabits the character and IS Julia---so much so that I would have been happy with 100+ minutes of just her and Stanley Tucci (also wonderful) playing through the preface and denouement of Julia's worldwide success.

Go see it.

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