Thursday, July 9, 2009


I thought it would be safe to come home by now.....

The funeral's over, the TV specials have run, the body is....well....gee...where is it? Whatever.

The brain ! the brain ! the brain ! Zay have zee brain....jah doktor, vhee can bring him baack, better zen before....

It's not polite, they say, to speak ill of the departed, so let's focus on the rest of us. This morning's Today show (which I rarely watch and now remember why....), after dispensing with the obligatory news about riots in China, climate change, car bombs in Iraq, and the local weather, segued to what we really want to know.....die kinder. what about those kids, now, eh? Fifteen minutes of airtime.

You can write the sequence yourself. The custody battles, maternal/paternal/fraternal/infernal rights asserted, sued, and dissected each night on Extra!Extra! Then the autopsy report. The litigation. The trial. The second trial. The third trial. The secret grave. The books. The documentaries. The movie. The musical. The college seminars.

OK, so I just have to say this, and it's not a kind judgment on where we are as a society. Is it possible that our obsession with this story---and hundreds of others like this one---is inversely proportional to the satisfaction and excitement we feel about our own lives?

Go out there and make your own kind of music......

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