Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ich bin ein tourist

Berlin, Friday

Pleasant but less hectic day after Jase's opening yesterday evening and a late night supper with the artists and friends.

Less hectic and more aimless strolling today. We started off at the Museum Island, home to the grand museums of Berlin. I am not a huge museum person; Jase, even less so. Since the Island was under heavy construction on the west side, we decided to walk around to the south, past Humboldt University, where I detoured to see the magnificent Berlin Dome while Jase cooled off under the trees.

Highlights of the day were the German History Museum and the Berlinischer Gallerie. At the museum were two special exhibits--one photo history of the fall of the Wall and 1990 reunification plus a show on Calvinism in the 16th and 17th centuries. The building included a modern wing designed by I.M. Pei, which appeared to be a derivative of his work at the Louvre.

As we strolled down the eastern part of the Unter den Linden, we walked past a cultural temple I have always wanted to see, the Berlin Staatsoper, and, peeking inside, I discovered that tonight's performance of Die Zauberflote had seats available. A little arm twisting of Jase and we bought 2 tix in the 6th row center. Heaven.

The modern art musuem was splendid and notable for the many artists whose work I didn't know, including the renowned photomontage artist John Heartfield and graphic designer Klaus Steack. Heartfield, in particular, is worth your looking into--a no holds barred satirist of the early years of the Nazi party and Hitler himself. Heartfield's satirical drawings and magazine covers stunned with their directness and visual impact.

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